Health Care Operating Platforms and Services

Platform Offering

Digital management of Patient Records

Quick Search and Registration

Bar Code Integrated

Machine Equipment Interfacing

Profile based Dashboard support

Single Window Operation

Efficient Work Flow Management

HL7 Support for Data Interchange

DICOM Interface

Collaboration and Communication Tool

Configurable and Customizable

Profile based security and customizations

Database Driven

Easy to install

Modular Structure

Work Flow Management


  • Growth: Transforms your departments to profit centers and lowers costs.
  • Scalability: Robust architecture to support hospital utility – beds and satellite centers.
  • Stability: High volume transaction of largest recorded out-patient visit is 1300, Open source non-relational database (1+ Terabyte / 3000 concurrent users), technology capable of supporting 1000+ beds hospital.
  • Mobility: EMR compatible to handheld devices.
  • Flexibility: Provides flexibility in configuration and operational levels.

HOPS Offerings

Information and Management of Hospitals


  • Too Many Measures
  • Little Sense of Priority
  • Uncoordinated Efforts
  • Limited Multi-level Comparability
  • Fee-for-service Cost Structure


  • Capture & Exchange information
  • Integrate Measures for operations
  • Interfacing Health services
  • Effective Resource Management
  • Patient Engagement


  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Improved Health outcome
  • Effective Resource Management
  • Compliance and Health Measures
  • Administrative Cost Saving

Add Ons

Data Conversion

Data conversion

Data conversion from existing hospital management software

Data Conversion

GO live

GO live in under 30 days

Guaranteed Service

Service Level Agreements for process compliance, Online self service request and chat portal, ZERO downtime / 24 x 7 business continuity guarantee.

Private Hospital


Lifetime support provided through support portal, telephone, e-mail and permission based remote login support.

Structured training and implementation


Structured training and implementation